Introduction to DSD

What is DSD and how is it disrupting dentistry?
  • The concept of Emotionally Driven Dentistry: the patient journey.
  • The Digital Workflow: teamwork and communication: clarity, precision & visualisation like never before.
  • Story telling for success.
  • Facial analysis and the digital face-bow.
  • 10 Step Smile Design parameters - key elements of an attractive smile.
  • Utilising the DSD App for 2D Planning - demonstration of the DSD app.
  • 2D & 3D Calibration - transfer of true  patient data to the image.
  • Communicate with specialists and the lab in a digital workflow.
  • Interact with sponsors and access DSD tools and adjuncts through your local suppliers.

Demonstration:  The DSD Photo Protocol

  • Live demonstration of the DSD Photo Protocol. 

  • Discover the motion of the smile with easy video using your smart device. 

  • Photographic Equipment, file management, lighting, storage and cloud based file sharing.  Dr Shepperson shares her tips for efficient photography, including  patient positioning and staff training. 

 Demonstration:  DSD Live Smile Simulation

  • Watch Dr Shepperson create a new patient and do a Smile Simulation using the DSD App. 

 Hands-On:  Smile Simulation Using the DSD App

  • Start to create your own case with the DSD App.

  • Carry out a 2D Smile Simulation on the DSD App with your iPad. 

Implementing 3D DSD
Learn how to implement DSD with detailed demonstrations and hands-on skills.
  • 3D case planning for precision.
  • Scanners, scanning and export of an STL file.
  • Hands-On 3D design exercise with the DSD App on your iPad.
  • The DSD Planning Center and DSD Online.
  • Developing the Digital Smile Design in 3D. 
  • 3D printing and transferring the information from digital to a model. 
  • Working with clarity: detailed planning information with DSD.
  • Silicone Index for the mock-up - make your own. 
  • The Emotional Mock-up Live - emotionally driven dentistry.
  • Performing the mock-up on the patient - 5 functional checks. 
  • Interact with sponsors and access DSD tools and adjuncts through your local suppliers.

Hands-On:  Learn DSD step by step in DSD APP

  • Walk through every step of facial planning in DSD App and incorporating 3D Planning.

  • The DSD steps to a smile frame.

  • Create a digital workflow and lab or specialist communication.

  • Create a virtual mock up for case presentation.

Demonstration: The Emotional Mock-up Live

Hands - On: Construct a Silicone Index to Create an Intra-Oral Mockup. 

Demonstration: Critical Functional Checks for the Emotional Mock Up

  • Transfer the DSD to a study model and learn parameters for a diagnostic wax up.

  • Demonstration by a DSD Ceramist. 

  • The 3D design and wax up needs to translate to a functional intra-oral success.  What are the Occlusal and Functional principles that need to be reviewed at the Mock Up stage. Dr Shepperson demonstrates the 5 Functional Checks for Success.  

3D Case Planning , Digital Scanning & The DSD Virtual Lab

  • Learn the advantages and accuracy of 3D case planning.  Have an opportunity to trial scanners with our sponsors, and review 3D case planning software.  Learn about the DSD Virtual Lab and DSD Online - services that manage 2D and 3D DSD.

DAY 3 - Half Day (to 1pm)
Marketing, Multi-disciplinary & 3D DSD
Implementation of 3D DSD protocol and more hands-on skills. 
  • Marketing & social media
  • Multi-disciplinary DSD - work with specialists in a way that ensures complete communication and asynchronous team planning. 
  • Communication expectations and limitations. 
  • Communicating Smile Design with the patient: verbal skills and emotional presentations. 
  • Using the DSD App to create an impactful presentation for the patient. 
  • Using DSD and scanning as a case presentation tool. 
  • Future trends in DSD: face scanning, First Fit & more.
  • Ortho, Perio Implant Guided Surgery, CAD - CAM. 

Demonstration: Chairside Oral Scanning  & Digital Integration to Lab Software

  • 3D scanning adds a greater ability to combine DSD concepts with accurate planning.  See STL files used in combination with lab software to manage complex design within the smile frame.  Review the benefits and limitations of 3D planning.  What is the SKYN technique? 

Certificate Presentation 

DSD Photo Protocol