The Digital Smile Design Concept (DSD) was developed by Dr Christian Coachman and Livio Yoshinaga.   It is the new face and global benchmark of case planning and aesthetic design.  


It combines a human, emotional and artistic view of dentistry with the precision and efficiency of digital technology.  


The concept aims to assist the dentist in 3 aspects:

  1. Improve Aesthetic Planning and Smile Design.

  2. Improve communication between the laboratory and specialists involved in the case.

  3. Improve communication with the patient, increasing their participation in the design process of their own smile design, motivating and educating them about the benefits of the treatment and increasing the case acceptance.


The concept has been spreading rapidly around the world - it is simple and uses commonly available tools and software, without the investment in complex equipment. 

DSD is based on video and photographic facial aesthetic analysis of the patient to better understand the relationship of the teeth, gums, lips and face in motion.  The dentist can organise this information in a simple App and create powerful presentations for both patient and the dental team.   A digital workflow is created - images can be shared with specialists, and a treatment plan can be discussed with the patient for their approval and feedback  before the treatment itself begins.


DSD has been used for over 8 years by top dental technicians and dentists in order to improve the quality of aesthetic dental treatments. This concept has been taught to more than 25,000 dental professionals worldwide, and as a scientific concept has been cited in numerous peer-reviewed articles. DSD is being applied daily as a state of the art patient centric approach.

Digital Smile Design (DSD) is a conceptual protocol for dentists, technicians, specialists and staff members that allows true interdisciplinary digital dentistry to be facilitated and made easy. It also strengthens their skills as Smile Designers, Treatment Planners, improves aesthetic diagnoses, giving them the tools and language to communicate more effectively. The course will present a full demonstration of the DSD protocol on a live patient and demonstrate the complete digital workflow. The final smile design and treatment plan can then be connected to different platforms as CAD/CAM, 3D orthodontics, and 3D surgical planning systems. 

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